Top 5 Best IIT JEE Coaching in Bangalore

Best IIT JEE Coaching in Bangalore:

The people who were waiting to know about Best IIT coaching in Bangalore one of the best city “Bangalore”, then here it is. You can also be called “BENGALURU”. This is a city which is very popular for education, top companies, climate, food, technology, modern society etc. this is a right place or city for you to take your IIT coaching with best faculties and better education system.

For the people who wanted to get educated in Bangalore, their dreams will become true. Really, this is a place where if a person travels even for the first time he can easily adjust with the climate, people, food, language (as most of the members talk in English or Hindi) so no need to worry about the local language “Kannada”.

Bangalore City

So this was about the city, now let us know about the IIT coaching in Bangalore. As this is a popular city, most of the IIT aspirants from all over India come to Bangalore for IIT coaching every year.

There are many coaching centers in Bangalore. You may become confused to choose the best coaching to get more knowledge. Let me tell you that no need to worry about this confusion anymore as I prepared a list of top IIT coaching in Bangalore so that you can choose a better IIT coaching in Bangalore.
Best iit coaching in Bangalore

Here is a list of top IIT coaching in Bangalore and information about those coaching is explained in detail as shown below


Now let’s talk about these in detail:


FIITJEE is a premier institute with many centers in the country. This institute has been producing best results in past few years. And this institute is one of the best in our country. The teaching methodology of this institute is highly efficient and has the same standards as FIITJEE Delhi. More than 90 students of this institute have qualified JEE advanced.

When it comes about faculty then they are highly experienced and most of them are successfully guided good rankers in JEE. If you are worried about taking care of your studies then no need to worry as they will take care and you will get individual attention.

This was about the coaching. Now let us know what FIITJEE Bangalore toppers have to say. The test series was good that helped a lot to perform well. This institute has continuously produced Karnataka State Topper in past few years.
Toppers said that only specially preparing for IIT-JEE but also for other entrances exams like BITSAT, Comedk, and their school boards exam.
The people who want to crack JEE mains and advanced for them this is best option to choose.


This institute is the most preferred coaching institute for medical entrance exams preparation in India. It has more than 120 study centers across our country. With a legacy of 30 years, they provide coaching for engineering and medical entrance exam.

The courses are long terms courses, short-term courses, test series courses and crash courses. This institute has i – Tutor lab facility. And it has also excellent study materials which will help you to gather more information and crack exam easily. The faculty members are really well experienced and guide you for your future career. They take care of every student so no need to worry about the attention and guidance towards your studies.


This a better option for the students who all are interested in JEE mains and other regional exams like Comedk etc. though it is not better than FIITJEE it is one of the best if you like to focus on JEE mains and other regional exams.
The big advantage you will get in this coaching is that they will take care of each and every student.  11 students of tapas program have qualified in JEE Advanced. And 53 students of base qualified in stage 1 exam of KVPY.

And there will be no pressure to study. If you are a lazy person who won’t read until and unless someone forces you then this would be the wrong choice for you. When it comes about teachers, many of them are good and few are okay.
For book lovers, there is a library in each center which has all competitive books. The people who will top will be selected from each center and will be sent to BASE CAMP. This BASE CAMP will be held at Basvangudi. The BASE will help you to do good in JEE Mains and other regional exams.

You can also check your regular performances as there will be weekly and monthly tests. And you will be guided according to your marks for your future.


The teaching methodology guidelines set by Deeksha which ensures maximum learning with minimum stress. And they take care of each and every student for their future. As the entire workforce imbibes the “we care” attitude. And these faculty members are not just a teacher but also just like a friend who supports and motivate whenever it is necessary.

The teachers are well qualified, more experienced. There will be a library so that you can read more and more book and prepare well for your exams. The courses that they provide is JEE Advanced, JEE Main, NEET.

 The students have scored 463 cents and 1222 distinctions. 3 students among top 10 scorers in KCET 2017 and 4 among top 10 scorers in COMED-K 2017 were the students of this college. Around 440 students qualified JEE Mains and 30 qualified KVPY in 2017.


This college was founded by Rohit, Manish, 2 other IITians and 4 other entrepreneurs in 2013. IXPOE stands for International Exponential Education.
This college concentrates on AIEEE, IIT JEE and so forth. So if you are interested to crack exam with good ranks in any of these courses then you can choose this college for your future.
IXPOE team consists of 2 expert teachers who have trained hundreds of students for IB, IGCSE, A-LEVEL, SAT, CBSE, ISC, PUC, AIEEE, IIT JEE and etc.

So,  friends, this is the top 5 best IIT coaching in Bangalore. I hope that you have enjoyed this article and it is really helpful for you thanks for reading.